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Quonset Hut Steel Buildings

Quonset hut steel buildings are simple and easy to install structures that have received mixed feedback from the time they were initially released as primarily of corrugated steel to the present day generation of new varieties. The newer versions seem to indicate that Quonset hut steel buildings can be retrofitted to conform to modern design […]


The Emergence of Quonset Huts

Not everyone can tell you what a Quonset hut is, and fewer people have actually seen one.  Quonset huts are half cylinder like buildings that are built from pre-fabricated steel. They were used extensively in WWII by the US navy because they needed a place to store supplies and in some cases house troops.  The […]


The History of Quonset Huts

“Success has many fathers”, so the saying goes. Way back in the 1960’s , when most young people are filling up stadiums  and farmstead  to listen to rock bands play their latest tunes; a parallel groundswell of support was being carried out in the hallways of educational institutions. The main difference is that they were […]


Are you building a Quonset Hut?

The Quonset Hut is a simple half cylindrical structure commonly used as temporary space for storage and living spaces. The inside space is strengthened by steel ribs and the outer shell is usually made from corrugated steel. It is typically found in farmhouses and warehouses. When an individual is asked if he wants to build […]