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Shipping Container Homes: Affordable Solution to Housing

Getting into a new home is usually quite expensive and not everyone can do it. However there are several solutions for a person who wants to evade the rent scene and enjoy the pride of homeownership. Some of these solutions include mobile homes, pre-fabricated homes, modular homes, and shipping container homes. The latter is very […]


Prefabricated Homes: Cost Effective and Beautiful

Today’s prefabricated homes are designed to produce the same quality and beauty of a traditional home in a more efficient, lower cost process.  The result of this engineering is a lower per-square-foot price than any other type of home, without any of the negative aspects that may come to mind when you hear the term […]


Metal Homes: Cheap Houses from Steel Buildings

Many people now realize the benefits of metal buildings and consider them superior from the classic buildings that we commonly have today. Metal homes have the ability to withstand the toughest weather, whether strong winds, harsh rain, rough snow, and other dangerous environmental situations. Competition is now heavy as manufacturers try to improve production methods, […]