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We are shouse experts, enthusiasts, and fanatics. We built our shouse (shop house) two years ago and started this website to help you do the same thing.


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WHAT IS A Quonset Hut?

A Shouse is a building that contains both residential and workshop areas, all under one roof. You might hear them referred to as a barndominium, shed home, barn house, pole barn house, Morton building, or metal building home. If you’re tired of not having enough room for your 4-wheeler, side-by-side, classic car, or bike but don’t have the budget for a whole separate garage, a Shouse might be just what you’re looking for.

Shouses are a relatively new style of home. There tend to be tons of questions, so we’ve put together an FAQ section to help.

eBook Coming Soon!

We’re working on an upcoming eBook release. In this eBook we’ll cover:

How to design your ideal floor plan
How to work with builders
How to be your own general contractor
Mistakes others made during their build (and how you can avoid them!)

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