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Welcome to quonsethut.org! Quonset huts are a relatively new type of housing trend that’s sweeping the country. They’re an arch-shaped building that can be used for residential, storage, or commercial purposes.

We became passionate about Shouse style homes around three years ago. We watched a rerun of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ barndominium episode, and we were hooked! While we originally thought we wanted to build a barndominium, we realized that a shouse was a much better pick for our lifestyle.

See, we run a small woodworking business out of our home. Before we lived in a shouse, it was a total mess. There was stuff overflowing from our garage and I’m sure our neighbors hated us for all the noise.

All those troubles melted away once we built our shouse, though. It’s allowed us to get more done since our house is connected to our “office”. We now live in a more remote area with a TON more land, so there’s fewer nosy neighbors. And most importantly, it’s made our family a lot happier. Our kids have more room to play. Our dogs have room to run. And it’s WAY easier to enjoy our passion which is the great outdoors. We take the ATV’s out most evenings, we can shoot guns anytime we want, it’s truly the life.

But this wasn’t easy. Building a custom home never is, much less a “shouse” which is a newer invention altogether. From finding the land to getting blueprints to hiring a builder, the entire process was a huge pain the butt!

That’s why I created this website. I made every mistake in the book while building my shouse. And I want to share what I’ve learned so you can avoid the mistakes I did.

So if you’ll entertain me, please read a few articles on this website. Check out our social media pages. And if you learn something, please let us know by sending us an email. If you’re really loving this site, please do us a favor and share this site with a friend of yours. We’d really appreciate it.

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