Pole Barns: The Cost-Effective Solution to Large Structural Needs

Pole Barns

Pole barns are building structures used for large areas. They are referred to as barns because oftentimes they are used in agricultural applications. But these buildings have a variety of uses and are quickly erected using pole barn kits.

Pole Barn Kits

Manufacturers of pole barns offer complete kits to build the structure of your choice. They will ship all the materials to your building site and also provide structural plans. Some companies will also take your special orders if you have unique needs in the area of structural design or finishing such as siding.


The first thought that comes to mind when you are not familiar with pole barns is how they can stand the test of durability. Rest assured that pole barn kits come with materials that can withstand the forces of nature such as high wind and rain. The reason is simple. It is because the pole structures bend much the same way as you see a tall skyscraper sway in high winds. 

The outer layers of the poles are flexible yet can withstand high pressure while the inside of the poles are already under pressure and provide the strength.  The manufacturers of pole barn kits also provide instructions for the spacing of poles to handle certain extreme conditions.

Types of Structures

There is a pole barn to fit the structural needs of just about anyone. For example, you can order many different configurations and styles of farm buildings such as the traditional barn or stable. Pole barns are also used frequently as hay barns because they can be constructed without siding. Other applications of this structure include garages and even homes.

Pole barns are also great for building utility structures for parking tractors or even setting up an automobile repair shop. They are large enough to be able to park several vehicles while still having a tool and parts area.

Pole barn kits are not just about agricultural or industrial use. People actually use them for their homes either as a primary or temporary residence. For example, if you have a large parcel of land and are building a home on it, a pole barn can serve as temporary housing. However some have done some creative things with the pole barns they are using as their primary home.

Consider the stable type of pole barn. These are configured with stalls and a hay loft. They are great for keeping the horses but consider how this design would make suitable living quarters as well. For example, the stalls can become rooms, a kitchen, and baths. 

The hay loft can become a spacious living area and all accessible through the middle aisle. The possibilities are endless.  The outside can be decorated with window planters and you can add a porch, deck, or carport. The next thing you know you have a very attractive home at only a fraction of the cost of traditional housing structures.


Since every city has their own building code, you should check with them before having pole barns built. Usually this can be handled at the city planning office at your local city government office center.

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