All About Prefab Garages

Prefab Garages

Garages basically serve to protect the vehicles from thieves and the damaging effects of harsh climate on the paint and body of the cars. Traditionally, garages are made of brick and stone; their construction consumes a considerable amount of time. However, like innovations in other walks of life, the construction industry has also introduced innovative prefabricated (prefab) garages offering ease to customers not only saving their time but their money as well.

Prefabricated garages, usually made up of wood and steel, can also be used for a number of purposes like storage, game room, hobby room, workshop and many others in accordance with your needs. The most remarkable feature of a prefab garage is that it can be assembled and disassembled in no time thus a homeowner can shift it to anywhere else as needed.

Since prefab garages come in a variety of designs, sizes and features, it is apposite to consider some important factors prior to purchasing it so that you end up buying perfect garage without wasting your time and money. It is important to take into account the space you can allocate for the garage; the building material, wooden or non-wooden; the objective of contructing a garage; the climate of your area in addition to other facilities which you want to have in your prefab garages.

The number of doors and windows may vary from one garage to another due to the size required by the customers. Similarly, such garages come with either a walk through or roll up doors. Roll up doors are more popular than the walk-through doors for their durability and high functional value.

Whether it is flooring, door mechanism or electricity installation, all facilities are available as per the customers’ choice. Some manufacturers use hardwood floorings while others prefer cement slabs ensuring a strong foundation safe from climate-effects. You can have an automatic door opening system which opens and shuts the door automatically with no need of you getting out of the car and doing this manually.

Today a slew of manufacturers are providing your desired prefab garages; you can also purchase them online from any part of the world. For this you just have to visit the official website of the manufacturing company and register your order online. Some prominent manufacturers include Summerwood Products, Prefabricated Garage Kits, Inc and Carports and More Average Garage Kit Costs.

When it comes to pricing, $ 1 to $5 is an average price for per square foot of a wooden garage while $5 to $20 is for the steel garage. Nevertheless, figuring out the exact price is something near to impossible because the prefab garage price may vary depending upon the location it is to be installed, weather-resistant features, insulation system and labor costs.

As far as installation is concerned it can be done individually if a person is good at handling hammer, screwdrivers as well as ladders. Otherwise, calling a professional is much better for he will install it accurately without having any risk of loss or damage.

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