Prefabricated Homes: Cost Effective and Beautiful

Prefabricated Homes

Today’s prefabricated homes are designed to produce the same quality and beauty of a traditional home in a more efficient, lower cost process.  The result of this engineering is a lower per-square-foot price than any other type of home, without any of the negative aspects that may come to mind when you hear the term prefab home.  

Homes are built at an off-site factory, and as each section of the home is finished, it is transported whole to the site where you want your home to be built and then assembled using exactly the same techniques as traditional homes.  Then, your local building team goes to work on your prefab home and adds the finishing touches that make prefabricated homes just like any other type of house.  If you have ever considered purchasing prefabricated homes, the following are some things to know before you get started.

Prefabricated homes are not the same as mobile homes.  Mobile homes are built based on a federal HUD building code which requires them to be built on a permanent steel chassis, which means that they can only be designed in a very limited number of ways.  Prefabricated homes, on the other hand, can be built in any way you can imagine- they are just like any other type of home, except the pieces are created in one place and assembled in another.

There are more prefabricated homes than ever on the market- in fact, industry estimates say that there are twice as many prefab homes on the market as there were just ten years ago.  The reason for the trend is simple- prefab homes can be created more quickly and far more affordably than other types of homes.  

Since each piece is assembled in a factory, it is created with using an assembly line approach which reduces costs and increases the speed at which homes are built.  And, because pieces are created indoors, prefab home builders never have to worry about weather delays- this leads to decreased labor costs and production times.  The process also saves on money spent on supplies- building material is purchased in bulk, then delivered and stored right at the factory.

Prefabricated homes allow you all of the customization available for any other type of home.  You can have a basement in prefab homes, you can enjoy multiple levels, add bedrooms, and build the home with energy efficient features and extra insulation.  When you look at prefabricated homes, your builder can walk you through the ways you can customize your home.  

Prefabricated homes look like traditional custom-built homes- but the difference is that home owners won’t go broke trying to pay for their new house!  The only difference between the construction of a traditional home and one of today’s prefab homes is where the construction occurs- on site or at a factory.  If you are hoping to build the home of your dreams without adding the mortgage payment that you’ve been afraid of, consider building one of today’s custom prefabricated homes.

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