Shipping Container Homes: Affordable Solution to Housing

Shipping Container Homes

Getting into a new home is usually quite expensive and not everyone can do it. However there are several solutions for a person who wants to evade the rent scene and enjoy the pride of homeownership. Some of these solutions include mobile homes, pre-fabricated homes, modular homes, and shipping container homes. The latter is very affordable and extremely durable as the framework for the design of a beautiful home. Here are some reasons why shipping container homes might be just right for you.

Durable Structure

The next time you see a cargo ship, take a look at the shipping containers stacked sometimes four or more levels high. Each one of these containers is probably filled which adds to the weight of the container itself. Yet the bottom layer withstands all the weight on top of it. This is a testimonial to just how strong a shipping container is and how they make a great framework for your container home.

Consider some of the disasters you have witnessed in recent years. In the last few years there have been some devastating hurricanes in the United States. Now, think about the structure of a traditional home. Hurricanes cause significant damage to the traditional home and even its framework. 

This is not the case with a container home. They can withstand high winds and tides. While some of the outside enhancements to a container house might collapse (such as an attached porch), the main structure will still be intact. Container homes have another extremely practical use. When natural disasters occur, they can be used to quickly to put displaced people in temporary homes.

Environmentally Friendly

For those concerned about the environment, a container house is the perfect solution in the area of reuse. Some suppliers ship their exports in containers but those same containers never get returned because it is too expensive to ship back empty cargo. Thus, what is happens is that the empty containers stack up on the open landscape. If it wasn’t for the possibilities of container homes these would sit unused for some time until finally recycled as scrap metal.

Endless Design Possibilities

Because shipping containers are modular and uniform in dimensions, they are somewhat like building blocks meaning the design possibilities are endless. They can be stacked easily which makes a two-story home a reality. And, because of their strong structure, it is no problem to stack upper modules so that there is slight overhang below. In other words, there is no need for strong support beams to keep upper modules from buckling.

A shipping container house using only the modules wouldn’t look too attractive so people do all sorts of things to their container home to give it appeal. They add porches, gardens, cut windows in desired locations, build car ports—you name it.


Shipping container homes are a relatively new concept in residential design. Since most houses are constructed of wood, brick, and stucco, it is quite possible that your local city planning department has not seen a home of the shipping container structure before. Check with them before starting a project to build a home of this nature.

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