The Emergence of A Quonset Hut

Family Quonset
Not everyone can tell you what a Quonset hut is, and fewer people have actually seen one. Quonset huts are half cylinder like buildings that are built from pre-fabricated steel. They were used extensively in WWII by the US navy because they needed a place to store supplies and in some cases house troops.  The sides are very flexible steel and the floors are made of plywood. Some of these buildings are still standing today.
The Quonset hut wasn’t the first of its kind.  The Nissen hut was created by the British in the same fashion during world war I.  The low cost and the incredible versatility of these types of buildings it is easy to see why the US and the British uses these types of buildings as opposed to the previous wooden buildings.
After World War II the US government auctioned them off for $1,000 a piece to the US public.  Military collectors and people who just needed an extra building on their property snatched them up quickly after the war.  Some of the buildings are still in use today as outbuildings and storage sheds.  The military has since moved on to more sophisticated trailer like buildings that are more sturdy and easier to manufacture.
The Quonset hut was an essential part of military storage and temporary housing during World War II.  Although they are not used by the military today people are still using these buildings for various things.  They were cheap to build and sturdy enough for the military at the time, and that is why many civilians are seeking these types of buildings today.  

Military historians love them because of the limited number created, and civilians love them still for their amazing versatility.  They are great for storing just about anything and they were created for the US military so you know they were created with quality in mind.
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